Dear Members, I want to inform you of the Judge's decision. He ruled for the ones that are in the Oakdale office. We accept the decision, although we RESPECTIVELY do not agree.  Folks, we are still very concerned about the Tribe and we will continue to work for the betterment of our people. We will be mailing out a newsletter soon. At that time we will inform everyone of our plans to help the legitimate Indians in our area.
Sincerely,  Barbara Doyle Sherman
Dear Tribe Members, I am posting the update of our battle for the tribe. I dislike using our website for this purpose, but this is the fastest way I can reach everyone as the newsletters takes longer.   Mr. Wiggins has posted that I have been banished from the tribe and a board member has falsely accused me of forgery. As I am the Elder and will be for life, he needs to rethink what he and others are saying. I am not guilty of anything they are accusing me of and they will be held liable for false statements. Our Committee has worked 2 years and 2 months trying to get our Tribe back to what we were formed for. We have worked nonstop to get our Tribe back to a reputable state. We have put our hearts and our funds into this major undertaking. We have been fortunate enough to have a few donate to our cause. Our election of December, 2018 was illegal due to Len Wiggins and Louise Willis being under investigation for breaking the bylaws. The candidates were not supposed to be within 50 feet of the voting facility, yet they all were in the building. The election was state monitored, but no one observed the regulations of a voting precinct. They held another election 3 or 4 months later and my name and Jennice Willis was put on the ballot for the Board Members. I still had 4 years to go as TREASURER and Mrs. Willis had 5 left as SECRETARY. Needless to say, we were shocked and their actions prompted us to hand in our resignations. This election was not monitored by any state or local official. Chief Wiggins and Vice-Chief Willis was not on the ballot. Their actions were causing great concern as bylaws were being broken and this is the reason we formed our committee of (CONCERNED MEMBERS OF FOUR WINDS). We received over 200 Signatures from tribe members wanting answers about missing funds and requesting another election. I contacted a Cherokee friend in Oklahoma for advice and he told me to watch as they would bust up within theirselves or get a lawyer. We got a lawyer.

Part 2. We had an election monitored by an official and no one was in the building that was on the ballot. We had a small turnout due to a hurricane and we were under flood warnings. Folks it is not over yet. If we don't get our Tribe back, our children and disabled members will suffer the most. I have been promised grants that will help further the culture and education of our people. Grants are available for us, but our hands are tied as long as Len Wiggins and others remain in office. We can apply every year for more programs, but we must get our Tribe back to a reputable state with a Board that wants to further this Tribe and educate our children. The State will disband this tribe if they continue on the path they are trodding.   Mr. Wiggins has a Board Member that was in the Federal Prison for practicing Klu Klux Klan and running a couple out of Oakdale, Louisiana. He had to pay a big fine and spend 3 years in prison. Also another man that was put out of the tribe due to repeated arrests for crimes he committed, but he was in the lodge office and he wasn't supposed to be within 500 feet of any Four Winds Function. There was another that was put off the board in the past years for fraud. She was put on the new board as treasurer. Bylaws after bylaws are being broken.   Mr. Wiggins calls Jack Lambright (KKK ma) "The Brain".   He takes him to functions that Indian Chiefs are meeting and Mr. Lambright is in photos representing our tribe. This has got to stop. Their so called Tribal Court is not legal and has not been in practice for years with the exception of a few reservations that are federal and they only hold court on domestic abuse.   Mr. Wiggins and his group will never be sovereign even if they own their land and try to claim sovereignty. Laws have changed. No Bingo AND no Cock-Fighting. My advice to the ones that are holding office in Oakdale is "Remember why this tribe was formed".
Elder Barbara Doyle Sherman
May 18th, 2021, was the day for the Graduating Class of 2021 at Leesville, Louisiana High Shcool. I was fortunate enough to represent the Four Winds Tribe Louisiana Cherokee in the presentation of the Five Hundred Dollar Scholarship to Madison Funderburk (A Tribal Member that was one of the highest achievers in her class). This scholarship is offered every year to our Graduating Members. I encourage our students to apply themselves and always strive for your higher grades. There are other avenues of courses that are available if you do not wish to go to the Universities. There are good Technical Schools that have classes you can enroll in that can be completed in shorter periods and be certified for a good career. We have Members that have achieved great goals. We have one that is Graduating from Harvard and taking her Bar Exam next month. We are blessed to have members that are Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Artists, and Writers in our tribe as well as Technicians. We are glad to have these Members as role models. Our agenda is well planned and we are anxious to get started on our projects. We are patiently waiting for the court to give us the decision to start getting our tribe back on the right track once again. I pray all is well and everyone has survived this past year from the virus and the hurricanes. We will get the Newsletter out immediately when we know the Court's decision.
Barbara Doyle Sherman.
The vaccine shots will be available at the Choctaw Aqache Powwow on Saturday April 24th. Drive by and you will be attended by professionals. The address is 217 Gene Knight Rd. Noble, Louisiana. I encourage all of our Tribe Members that has not gotten their shot to please do so. We do not want to lose anyone to this virus. My husband and I took ours and we are fine. I know some are very unsure about taking this vaccine, but the alternative is not promising if you contract this virus. If you have any questions, please call the tribal number at (225) 288-4080. We have been in conference with the head of the Health Department and Dr. White. Dr. White has offered to come and speak to us about the vaccine if there is enough calls, so please feel free to call. I pray All stays well.
Barbara Doyle Sherman.
Official phone number for FOUR WINDS TRIBE LOUISIANA CHEROKEE is (225) 288-4080. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Barbara Doyle Sherman
PO BOX 453,

Chief Sherman wants to assure everyone that your yearly donations will not be due until 2021. Starting in January, please send only checks or money orders to the Rosepine address listed above. We will accept your 2021 donations now if you want to mail them early.
Barbara Doyle Sherman sends best regards to all members.

Members that have paid for the year 2019 do not need to send more donation money to the Oakdale office or po box 836, Oakdale, La. Keep your receipts and canceled checks. We know a lot of you have received letters saying you need to pay again, but you only pay a fee of $20 per year. Be patient and we assure you all will be revealed soon.
We want to thank the Governor Attorney General, and the Secretary of State for all the help that we have received.
    Members, we are working very hard to save our tribe and get it back to the Christian principles it was founded on. We are investigating and we have legal documents and legal papers that will inform our tribe of things they need to know. We will follow the bylaws and that includes the one about gambling. Anyone or group that attempts to bring any form of gambling to our tribe, such as cockfighting or bingo will be stopped. Our board is going to follow our bylaws and we will dismiss any tribe member that puts any personal pleasure before our members. Especially our children. True Native American Indians treasures all life forms, even our fowl. We use them for food and not for sport to pleasure some people. As Chief I Will strive with every fiber of my body to carry this tribe forward. We will have healthy entertainment and Culture classes to teach everyone. We will be glad and proud to be called Four Winds Cherokee once again. Please do not send your 2020 donations to the Oakdale address. Send them to our address at: Four Winds Tribe, po box 453, Rosepine, La. 70659.
Barbara Doyle Sherman
    Four Winds Tribe Louisiana Cherokee apologizes to everyone for canceling our Powwow. The Powwow was scheduled for the 26th and 27th of October, but due to some problems that are being worked out, we had to cancel. We will definitely make up for it next year and look forward to seeing all of friends once again.
    I received a very encouraging letter from one of our Tribe Members. He is an author and will be sending us books to help with our fund raising. When we receive them I will do an extensive write up of him and his works.
    Again we advise everyone to mail all correspondence to our address at PO Box 453, Rosepine, Louisiana 70659. We appreciate all donations we have received to help with the legal expense of getting our tribe back. We are almost there and it will be a glorious day when we are once again a proud Tribe.
Thank you all for your encouragement as we go forward with our mission.
Barbara Doyle Sherman
    It has been brought to my attention that a certificate was purchased showing Oakdale, Louisiana as being the domicile for Four Winds Tribe. This is not a major and as soon as the court case is over we will be moving it back to Beauregard Parish. No one is going to be dismissed from this tribe unless they have committed a crime, misused funds, or talked about the tribe in derogatory terms. Please send your donations to the PO Box 453, Rosepine, La. 70659. The bank account is frozen until the court case is over. Our CD is protected. We will post it as soon as we know the Court's decision.
    Please do not believe everything you read on Facebook. We will not be putting the tribe's business out to the public.
Barbara Doyle Sherman
    Chief Barbara Doyle Sherman wishes to Express her gratitude for all the donations that has been given to help with the legal process. A small, successful estate sale (compliments of Carl Doyle) held November 2nd added more funds to our cause. I am so thankful to the members of this Tribe for coming together as sisters and brothers to help us with this task. All of you are showing great support for us to get our Tribe back to being a real INDIAN TRIBE. We are tired of those that are playing as Indians and not knowing what they are doing. Today we received a donation of 50 books to sale from Marcus O. Durham, Ph.D, Th.D. The book is titled "No Man's Land Pioneers", and the reasearch that makes this book so exciting is fantastic. All you Four Winds Members that want to know about your heritage need to get this book. We are asking for a donation of 10.00 dollars and the cost of shipping. Ten of them are gone and I just received them today. Doctor Durham has graciously given us these books at no cost to us. All proceeds will go toward getting our tribe back to being an INDIAN TRIBE WITH PRIDE. Doctor Durham is from DeRidder, Louisiana and is the author of 19 books. He and his wife have done us a great deed by getting this material together in this book. Please keep sending your 2020 donations to PO BOX 453, Rosepine, Louisiana 70659.
Barbara Doyle Sherman


UPDATE: The year 2020 brings us renewed hope for the future of our tribe. There has been a lot of hard work and long hours toward our goal of uniting our Members into a creditable Tribe/Corporation once again. There are a lot of falsehoods that are against our bylaws and our corporate laws. Make no mistake in thinking we are sovereign and not under corporate law as well as our bylaws. We are not sovereign and we have to obey our bylaws, state laws, corporate laws, federal laws and local laws. We do not have a tribal court regardless of what some have tried to enact on us. We will go to our legitimate courts to settle our disputes. Our judges are wise enough to know who is following the laws of our land, Tribe, and our country. We were formed with Christian principles and we need to get back those. Mail your donations, which are your yearly funds to the Tribe of $20.00, and you will be mailed a receipt back. You will be notified when we get our equipment back to make your ID cards. The bank account is still frozen, so don't get upset if your check doesn't process right away. All Tribal Money is put into a very secure safe and will be in the bank as soon as court is over. Hopefully it won't be much longer. The courts does not get in a hurry. The opposing lawyer had a previous engagement so the February 5th date was postponed. We don't have a date, but as soon as we find out we will post it. We have an excellent lawyer and members, you can rest assured that we will have our tribe back and we can go forward with our goals. We have not been short on prayers and dedicated people that have helped us. We are ready to go to work in our office and get our programs and Grants working for our Tribe.
Barbara Doyle Sherman
CHIEF BARBARA DOYLE SHERMAN wants all tribe members to be alert for false information they read on Facebook. The news of tribal activities can definitely be believed that is on the official website, There has been no court date issued yet, and as soon as the court sets the date it will be posted on the website. However, there was posted a message on Facebook that the court case was over and the illegal bunch had won. This is only a ploy and untrue action to get your money. Again, I repeat, "DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY TO THE OAKDALE OFFICE". Send any fees to the Rosepine address. PO Box 453, Rosepine, La. 70659. The subpoenas have been served and it should not be long until we go to court.
Barbara Doyle Sherman
Update about the court proceedings. We went to court to present our credentials and to set a date for the trial. The lawyers will have a three way conference with the judge's secretary and a date will be set. I will post the date as soon as we receive it. Thanks to all of our tribal members for their overwhelming support. We did not notify or ask any of our tribal brothers and sisters to join us in court yesterday as it would have been a foolish and useless request of their time. We have an excellent lawyer and he said, only one person would be all he really needed to go with him. He advised us of what procedures would be done, and it would only take a very few minutes. There was only four of us that attended. I will keep you all apprised of future events. Once again, I advise all to send their dues to our Rosepine address: po box 453, Rosepine, la. 70659.
Sincerely, Barbara Doyle Sherman
Chief Barbara Doyle Sherman hopes that all Tribe Members are well and safe. Due to the virus that has spread over our country, the court date will be delayed until further notice. Our lawyer assures us that we have everything that is needed to present a good case. My prayers and love are with you all. Please take care of your health and use caution when going out in the public
It has come to my attention that some members have been threatened with dismissal from the tribe if they don't send their dues (which are called donations) in to the Oakdale address. No one can be dismissed from this tribe unless they do something against the tribe or break the bylaws. The ones making phone calls and threatening our members is going against the tribe. They will be held accountable and they will have to account for all funds they are soliciting. Demand receipts and make a copy for our TREASURER so the books can be set straight after the Court date. Once again I assure you that justice will be done. I know our people will prevail and our programs and grants will start immediately after the Court proceedings. Due to this Virus that has stopped us for a while, the Court date has been pushed back. We will keep you informed as we go forward. We have not been idle during this delay. Our programs are being planned and fund raisers are being organized. We have a great future planned for our tribe and we want all Tribe Members involved. Once again, I ask you to not feel threatened by anyone telling you about being dismissed from this Tribe. Our members has all year to get their donations in. DO NOT SEND THEM TO THE OAKDALE ADDRESS. SEND THEM TO PO BOX 453, ROSEPINE, LA 70659. Stay well and use caution as we treasure all of you.
Barbara Doyle Sherman.
ATTENTION, ALL FOUR WINDS TRIBE LOUISIANA CHEROKEE MEMBERS: It has been brought to my attention that the group in Oakdale is once again making a plea for money. They are using an excuse of certification of files. The Chief and the board are supposed to check your records when you apply for membership. Once you are approved and issued a roll number, you are automatically CERTIFIED. Do not feel threatened by any scheme when it comes to your records. Records can be replaced and brought up to date by a team of responsible workers. We have responsible workers on our Board and plenty of experienced volunteers. We will have new ID cards once the court is over. The new card will be professionally done and the cost will certainly not be $10. Remember a Genealogist does not certify your record. Once again I ask you to not send any funds to the Oakdale office. Send all funds to the official Tribal address.. PO BOX 453, ROSEPINE, La. 70659. If you need any more information, Please call (225) 288-4080 starting Monday July, 2020. My prayers are for the health and safety of our tribe.
Barbara Doyle Sherman